Can Plus Size People Be Fit? Breaking the Stereotypes

June 30, 2023

Like human bodies, fitness comes in many shapes. Yet, society has fed us the narrative that plus-size individuals cannot be fit. Which begs the question: why are we led to think that? 

We’re here to flip the script, redefine fitness, and show you that you can be your fittest, happiest, and most energetic self, no matter your size or age! Ready to embark on a journey of inspiration?

Redefining Stereotypical BS…

We’ve all heard the myth: “Plus-size people can’t be fit.” But the truth is, fitness is not about how you look, it’s about what you can do, your strength, and the passion that fuels your spirit.

Society has created a stereotype that fitness is for a specific body type. However, this is a misconception. It’s time to crush these stereotypes and celebrate body diversity in the athletic world.

Being fit doesn’t mean having six-pack abs or running a marathon in record time. It means moving and challenging yourself in a way that feels good and empowers you.

There are countless examples of plus-size athletes showing that body size doesn’t determine your fitness.  Just look at these legends redefining the status quo!

Here are 8 Plus-Size Women Who are Shattering Stereotypes

#1 Sarah Robles

Source: roblympian

This powerful American weightlifter has not only shattered stereotypes but has also set records with her strength. Her remarkable achievements include:

🏆 3 Times USA Champion

🏆 Pan American Silver Medal

🏆 Olympics Bronze Medal

🏆 Olympics Bronze Medal

#2 Mirna Valerio

Source: themirnavator

Ultramarathoner, cyclist, and skier Mirna never allowed her size to stop her from embracing her fitness journey, as she keeps running ultra-marathons since 2012. Her story has influenced many to redefine their own capabilities unapologetically.

#3 Roz the Diva

Source: rozthediva

America’s Got Talent star, Roz the Diva, took everyone by surprise with her stunning pole-dancing act. And ever since, she’s inspired thousands of women with her personal Pole & Fitness Instruction business.

#4 Kristina Rodriguez

Source: Image

A cyclist, yogi, and powerlifter found her happiness in biking and has shown that women face no limit in sports, irrespective of their body size.

Who said plus-sized women couldn’t conquer a mountain? Meet…

#5 Sam Ortiz

Source: samortizphoto

Sam is living proof that we can all do anything we set our minds to. As the founder of Climb Big, she is a plus-size, Latina rock climber, mountaineer, and adventure photographer promoting outdoor activities to plus-size women.

#6 CeCe Olisa

Source: ceceolisa

CeCe is a workout video creator, promoting body positivity, living by her mottoes: “I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it.” and “Don’t wait on your weight.” She’s the perfect example of determination. In 2013, Cece launched her first plus-size workout video on YouTube. A few years later? She’s living it up as a Nike ambassador! Way to go!

#7 Amanda LaCount & Jessamyn Stanley

Sources: amandalacount & mynameisjessamyn

Both dancers and yoga instructors, Amanda and Jessamyn are promoting their #BreakingTheStereotype movement, encouraging everyone to embrace their body, regardless of their shape.

Everyone can be athletic, no matter their size and AGE! Meet…

#8 Joan MacDonald

Source: trainwithjoan

The grandma who’s killing it! She’s thrusting over 200 pounds and living her best life! At 75 years old, she has proven that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to start. Joan’s story is a reminder that with determination and self-love, you can conquer anything.

Feeling hyped already? We know, so here are the:

Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Exercises for Every Body Type

  1. Swimming

As a low-impact exercise, swimming is great for beginners. It provides a full-body workout and is easy on the joints while improving cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity.

2. Zumba

Zumba is a fun and energetic dance workout that combines Latin and international dance moves. It’s a great way to exercise while having fun, improving coordination and balance.

3. Weightlifting

Lifting is a great way to build muscle, increase strength, boost metabolism, and strengthen bones. It supports the nervous system, reduces the risk of injury, and improves sleep. 

4. Walking or Hiking

Walking or hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s a low-impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular and mental health. Start with short walks and gradually increase the distance and intensity.

5. Yoga & Pilates

Both are wonderful for improving flexibility, strength, and balance. They can also help reduce stress and improve mental health. There’s a wide variety of each. So, it’s all about finding your vibe.

The Bottom Line

Fitness is for everyone. It’s about having fun, doing what you love, and caring for your health. Whether as a solo practice or to connect with others: your size doesn’t define you – it’s time we change the narrative.

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