5 Tips to Boost Your Body Confidence This Summer

June 7, 2023

Summer is fast approaching. But is the thought of baring your skin while basking under the sun make you anxious? We get it! We get that you are conscious of what other people may say or think about you. Summer should be a time of fun, relaxation, and self-expression, regardless of our size, shape, or appearance. It’s about feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin, the sand between our toes, and the refreshing splash of water on a hot day.

Whether you’re planning beach vacations or poolside gatherings, or simply want to feel confident in your own skin, we’ve got you covered with these five empowering tips to boost your body confidence this summer.

1. Engage in the practice of embracing body-positive affirmations.

Practicing body-positive affirmations allows you to shift the focus from perceived flaws to the incredible strength and resilience of your body. It empowers you to celebrate the qualities that make you who you are, fostering a deep sense of self-acceptance. These affirmations serve as gentle reminders that you are worthy of love and respect, regardless of societal expectations or judgments. As you consistently repeat and believe these affirmations, you’ll witness a transformation in your mindset, self-confidence, and overall well-being.

Here are some body-positive affirmations to help jumpstart your confidence journey:

2. Wear comfortable clothes

Aside from activities, summer is a season for fashion trends. Unpopular opinion: you don’t have to follow the trend if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable. It is sure cute to be trendy, but the key to feeling confident in your body is wearing clothes that make you feel good. Start by choosing comfortable fabrics, cuts, and styles. Remember, wear clothes that fit you, and not the other way around.

3. Find a supportive community

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who uplift and empower can make all the difference. When you find your tribe, you create a safe space where self-acceptance and body positivity thrive. Whether it’s in person or online, having someone to whom you can relate sparks confidence.

Download The BodCon App – a community-centric space that supports your journey to radical self-acceptance and unlocking your full potential. The BodCon app is a powerful resource and tool to help you increase your body confidence. We’re reimagining confidence development, connection, and growth. A safe digital space for every body.

4. Listen to empowering podcasts

By tuning in to empowering podcasts, you open the door to a world of transformative ideas, personal stories, and practical advice that can reshape your mindset and elevate your self-confidence. These podcasts offer a sanctuary where you can find solace, learn new perspectives, and discover tools to overcome obstacles and embrace your authentic self.

Just like The BodPod – a weekly podcast that dives deep into the people, brands, and topics that are making a difference in the way we view our bodies. It’s the podcast where every BODY is welcome, with your host and Confidence Coach Rachel K. Grim. Each week, we welcome old and new friends to talk about all things related to body image, self-love, and confidence!

5. Wear the bikini

Every body is a bikini body. That’s right—whether you’re curvy, athletic, petite, or anything in between, you have the power to rock that swimsuit with unapologetic confidence. Your body is a masterpiece, and it deserves to be celebrated, including those lines, marks, and scars.

This summer, let go of comparisons, challenge societal norms, and honor your body as a vessel of joy, strength, and beauty. Embrace the power of self-care, positive affirmations, and surrounding yourself with uplifting influences. Celebrate the moments of joy, adventure, and self-discovery that this season brings, free from the weight of unrealistic beauty standards.


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